Welcome to Croydon Stroke Support Group

Click below to find out what we do

Welcome to Croydon Stroke Support Group

Click below to find out what we do

Welcome to Croydon Stroke Support Group

Click below to find out what we do

About Us

The reason the group was created was to provide support for people who have have had a stroke or people who have another neurological disorder and have already been through the main rehabilitation services.The group organizes activities that aim to restore a members confidence which has usually been shattered by their illness, thereby assisting their social and speech rehabilitation.

It also provides a stimulating environment where members can receive physical and mental exercise, including interaction with others and specifically caters for people with disabilities arising from a stroke

People who suffer from Parkinson’s are also welcome to the sessions

Our group is self funded and this means to be able to keep the group going we do have to make a small charge to cover the costs.

We’re affiliated with the Stroke Association

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Session Breakdown


12:30 – Seated Exercise

This is a very simple way of exercising for those who have had a stroke. We also try and give one to one if it is needed.
The seated exercise is free.


1:15 – Lunch

Every session we offer a home cooked lunch. We also cater for those who have special dietary needs.
The lunch costs £3.50


2:00 – Art & Activities

Here are some of the things we do in the afternoon, no experience is needed for the activities and we have an art tutor when one is available. These activities help with finger and hand dexterity.
Some of the things included in this part of the session are card making, hama, hand massaging, painting, flower arranging, puzzles, beads, colouring and more.
The art & activities costs £2.00


4:00 – End of Session


It helps to meet people with the same problems.

As I walk into the group of people I find the group very friendly.

It is nice to socialise with people in the same situation as myself.

I enjoy the group very much and make some lovely things in the craft session.

I have a laugh and everyone is very nice.

I have never done a watercolour painting before, but I look forward to it now.

I look forward to coming as I know it will be fun.

I enjoy the craft, games and painting. Having the group makes all the difference.

There are no strangers here, only friends.

Great people who I consider as friends.

I enjoy the exercise group as it helps my weak limbs.

The meals are good and the craft sessions are great. I feel at home.

As I walk into the group it makes me feel very happy I feel they are my friends.




    Alternative Contact Information

    Home: 0144 445 8075
    Mobile: 0795 256 5285
    Email: esther.hickman7@gmail.com



    We are not in a position to offer transport. Therefore people will need to be able to make their own way to and from the group.
    If you would like more information about Dial a Ride or the Black Taxi Cab scheme then please see the phone numbers below.
    Join the scheme: 0845 999 1999
    Bookings: 0208 726 7100
    Cancellations: 0207 309 0015


    Other Useful Websites

    Stroke Association
    NHS Services
    Age Concern


    Address: Christ Church, Sumner Road, Croydon, CR0 3LJ